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‘Love in City’ is funded in 1999, and has been working in dating services business for nearly 9 years.  The original name of the company was ‘Love in City Office Ladies Studio’, and later on has changed to ‘Love in City Rose Garden Club’ due to the business expanding.  Nearly 10,000 senior members have joined the company in the first year, including a great number of oversea successful people.  As a result of the company’s development demanding, it in 2000 has funded ‘Matchmaker Hotline’ in Sydney, Australia to provide dating services for Australian local people.  In 2006, the business scope of the company has been broadened again, and has funded ‘Love in City single aristocrat dating service centre’ in New Zealand.  In the same year, all the branches have been unified under the name ‘Love in City’.

‘Love in City’ providing dating services with the purpose of ‘providing safe and reliable spouse choosing platform for single men and women’ and ‘meticulously build Australian No.1 reliable brand’.  During the 9 years, ‘Love in City’ has attracted more than 20,000 senior members from different communities including lawyers, doctors, businessmen, teachers, officers, etc. through its high quality and efficiency services.  The company has perfect information management system.  It provides specialist to perform tracking services.  At the same time, ‘Love in City’ attach importance to members’ privacy.  Moreover, it acknowledges members’ personal values to help them improve their self-confidence and provide the most comfortable environment for members to make friends.

Scope of services:

  1. Friends making services:
    ‘Love in City’ holds different activities and parties for members to make friends in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
  2. spouse choosing services:
    ‘Love in City’ devotes itself in seeking the perfect match for the members.
  3. Advisory services:
    ‘Love in City’ provides a number of specialists to help the members to solve family and marriage problems.
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