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Wedding Services

‘Love in City’ evolves in providing professional wedding services, and has planned and hold a great number of weddings including garden and lawn weddings, yacht weddings, etc.  It has a number of professional planning specialist, photographers and specialist in scene organizing and making-up.  The purpose of ‘Love in City’ is to plan and to provide an unforgettable wedding for the customers.  ‘Love in City’ is trying to satisfy every customer by providing high quality service with low price.  If you have a dream on a perfect wedding, ‘Love in City’ is the place to go.  We expect your coming.

Wedding Venue & Decoration
Hair & make up artists
Florists & Car hire
Wedding Photo Shot Package
Caterers, Cake makers & Musicians.


  • Lady 35YRD, NSW 文员
  • Man 36YRD, NSW 白领
  • Man 57YRD, NSW 白领
  • Man 49YRD, NSW 司机
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